Ultrasonic Frequency Converter with Automatically Adjusts for Thermoplastic Welding 

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Item No QR-WD28C
Power 800W
Generator Digital generator
Frequency 28KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Size 430*250*200mm
Application Ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine
Net weight 8Kg

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Ultrasonic power sources are often referred to as ultrasonic sources, ultrasonic generators, and ultrasonic electronics boxes. It is a major component of high power ultrasound systems. Its function is to generate a high-power high-frequency AC signal to drive the ultrasonic transducer to work. The high-quality driving power supply must ensure the stable and safe operation of the high-power ultrasonic system. At the same time, it must monitor the operating frequency, load power, capacitive reactance, impedance and other parameters of the transducer in real time, and can carry out power according to different needs of users. Adjustment of parameters such as amplitude and operation mode.


Analog Generator

Digital Generator

Control circuit type

Analog circuit, discrete component control

Digital circuit, full chip control

Frequency search method

self-excited trigger


Automatic search for the best frequency


Automatic frequency tracking


Frequency adjustment range (take 20k as an example)


±0.5 kHz

Frequency search power adjustable


Suitable for 24 hours of continuous work


Can work in non-resonant state


LCD touch human-machine interface


Various PLC protocols can be added


Automatic circuit protection,

weak protection, easy to cause damage to electrical components

strong protection, electrical components are not easily damaged

Maintenance methods

require professional maintenance

Modular replacement, non-professional maintenance


1. High reliability, due to the introduction of ultra-high-power power electronic devices, control ICs and advanced electrical principle topology mechanisms from foreign famous factories, combined with effective soft start, soft switching technology, microsecond detection of overvoltage and overcurrent The protection technology enables the new generation of ultrasonic generators to not only greatly increase the ultrasonic output power, but also greatly improve the reliability;
2, high efficiency, abandon the low-efficiency power transformer and the traditional circuit structure, so that the efficiency of the mains input power to ultrasonic output power is as high as 95%;
3. Transducer protection, high permeability power device step-down output and widening the resonant frequency band, so that the ultrasonic transducer (seismic) is evenly loaded under relatively low voltage, optimizing the working conditions of the transducer and prolonging the use of the transducer life;
4, strong ultrasound, accurate resonance, large output power, strong explosive force, high efficiency, the ultrasonic intensity is greatly increased by 40%;
5. Resonant frequency tracking, fine-tuning the resonant frequency according to different working conditions, so that the ultrasonic equipment maintains the best working condition;
6, power, frequency, current display, output count power-off memory;
7. Amplitude adjustment and modular power adjustment make the ultrasonic output power continuously adjustable from 50% to 100%;
8. It has a demoulding function to prevent the product from sticking to the upper mold after welding; it can be automatically retracted;
9. Miniaturization and light weight - The new generation of ultrasonic generators has achieved unprecedented miniaturization and light weight. Compared with traditional generators, the volume is reduced by 50% and the weight is reduced by 40%. Small and light weight is advanced in power electronic equipment.

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