Ultrasonic Core Components Driving Transducer 35Khz Ultrasonic Box for Sealing Thermoplastic Materials

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Item No QR-WA35C
Power 800W
Generator Analog generator
Frequency 35KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Size 430*250*2000mm
Application Ultrasonic Sewing Machine
Net weight 8Kg

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In the design of the ultrasonic power source, the matching design of the generator and the transducer is very important. The design of the intelligent ultrasonic generator largely determines whether the ultrasonic device can work normally and efficiently. The matching of the ultrasonic episode to the transducer includes two aspects: impedance matching and tuning matching. Impedance matching transforms the impedance of the transducer into an optimal load, ie, an impedance transformation. Tuning matching allows the voltage and current across the transducer to be in phase, resulting in the highest efficiency, while series resonance improves the voltage across the transducer, which is beneficial for piezoelectric transducers.
Ultrasonic generators, also known as ultrasonic power supplies, electronic boxes, and ultrasonic controllers, are important components of high-power ultrasound systems. The ultrasonic generator is divided into an analog generator and a numerical control generator.


1. High stability: When the ultrasonic is seamlessly stitched, the rotation of the welding wheel and the pressure roller is completely synchronized, and there is no difference in speed and angle, which will not cause stretching, twisting or deformation of the cloth, and the precision is extremely high. Thanks to the hot melt effect, no needle thread is required, the product is more waterproof, lighter in weight and easier to fold.
2. Welding and cutting synchronization: Ultrasonic seamless sewing equipment is not only suitable for continuous sewing, but also for cutting textiles while welding, and achieving automatic edge sealing.
3. No heat radiation: When the ultrasonic is sutured, the energy penetrates through the material layer for welding without heat radiation. In the continuous stitching process, heat is not transmitted to the product, which is particularly advantageous for the packaging of the heat sensitive product.
4. Weldable seam control: The cloth is passed between the welding wheel and the pressure roller, and the fabric is welded by ultrasonic wave. The pressure roller can be changed to change the weld size and embossing, which is more flexible and convenient.
5. Wide range of applications: All thermoplastic (softened and softened) fabrics, special tapes and films can be welded using ultrasonic seamless stitching equipment. The rollers are made of hardened steel to extend the service life.

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