Providing 30Khz Ultrasound Cutting Device for Robot’s Hand Cutting Using

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Item No QR-C30Y
Power 100W
Generator Digital generator
Frequency 30KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Weight of Blade 1.25kgs
Gross weight 11.5Kg
Application Fabric cutter

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The principle of ultrasonic cutting knife is to convert 50/60Hz current into 20, 30 or 40kHz electric energy through ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electric energy is again converted into mechanical vibration of the same frequency through the transducer, and then the mechanical vibration is transmitted to the cutting knife through a set of amplitude modulator device that can change the amplitude. The ultrasonic rubber cutter vibrates along its length with an amplitude of 10-70μm, repeating 30,000 times (30 kHz) per second (the vibration of the blade is microscopic, which is generally difficult to see with the naked eye). The cutting knife then transfers the received vibration energy to the cutting surface of the workpiece to be cut. In this area, the vibration energy is used to cut the rubber by activating the molecular energy of the rubber and opening the molecular chain.

Machine-mounted ultrasonic cutting knife-cutting features

1. Easy to apply to automated production.

2. 1mm blade has little loss of material.

3. Fast speed, high efficiency and no pollution.

4. The cutting precision is high, and the rubber material is not deformed.

5. The cutting surface has good smoothness and good bonding performance.

6. The equipment is small in size and can be used for handheld cutting.


1. High stability: The ultrasonic generator generates electromagnetic vibration when it is working, and converts it into mechanical oscillation and transmits it to the cutting knives and cutting materials. The mechanical cutting is performed, so no sharp cutting edge is needed, and the blade wear is small, and at the same time The cutter head can be replaced by itself.

2. Safety and environmental protection: When the ultrasonic knife is cut, the temperature of the cutter head is lower than 50 degrees Celsius, and no smoke and odor will be generated, which eliminates the danger of injury and fire during cutting.

3. Cutting neatly: Since the ultrasonic wave is cut by high-frequency vibration, the material will not adhere to the surface of the blade, only a small pressure is required for cutting, and the fragile and soft materials are not deformed and worn, and the fabric is cut and automatically sealed. Will not cause chipping.

4. Simple operation: the cutting knife is connected to the ultrasonic generator, the generator is connected to 220V mains, and the switch can be cut to support hand-held and machine-mounted cutting.

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