Portable Ultrasonic transducer Impedance analyzer Measuring Instrument for Parameters

Short Description:



Product feature

Portable, 8inch screen, Full touch screen



Frequency range


Measurement Index

All the parameters, the graph

Measurement Accuracy

< 0.5%

Measurement Speed

5s/one pass (600scan point)

Frequency Accuracy


Phase Resolution

0.15 degree

Environment Temperature

10~40degree centigrade

Impedance Range


Frequency Step


Power Supply

AC100VAC250V5060Hz, 30W


Ultrasonic device

Product Detail

Product Tags


Ultrasonic component analyzer QR520A series of products for various types of ultrasonic devices for measuring objects, including piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, underwater acoustic, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic grinder, ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic cleaning, reversing radar, ultrasonic ranging, phacoemulsification, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic motors, and all use of piezoelectric and ultrasonic devices and equipment.


1. Large screen, full-screen touching, making the QR520A both QR70A-P(computer version) operating experience, and no cumbersome with a sense of computer operation.

2. Relies on the new powerful ARM processor data processing capacity, QR520A measurement accuracy is much higher than QR70A-D(with display version), can achieve QR70A-P(computer version) level.

3. Full-screen touch operation is more user-friendly, no longer need QR70A-D(own display version) a large number of physical buttons, thus operating instruments becomes extremely simple, the production size smaller,lighter and more portable.

4. Connecting the computer to operate as QR70V-P. The software is fully compatible, the user are no longer familiar with software operation. 


1. Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics jointly developed technology.

2. Since 2001, our QR60A/70A series of products to the market has been 15 years , thousands of customers use in the industry, has become a matter of fact the ultrasound industry measurement standard.

3.Over the past 15 years, more than 200 colleges and universities have been using our instruments, because they often have more than 20,000 imported Agilent instruments, 4294A. Our instruments have been tested many times with imported Agilent instruments. It turns out that the results of our instruments are completely trustworthy.

4. Our instruments have been used by many German and US ultrasonic testing companies as test instruments. The instrument is the key to quality control. If we choose Chinese-made instrument. We must establish them on the basis of full trust.

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