Looking for Ultrasonic Driver with Power Level 2kw Frequency Rage 19khz to 21khz

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Item No QR-WD20W
Power 2000W
Generator Digital generator
Frequency 20KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Size 300*450*170mm
Application Plastic Welding Machine
Net weight 7Kg

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Ultrasonic power is often referred to as an ultrasonic source, an ultrasonic generator. Its function is to convert electrical energy into a high frequency alternating current signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer.
Ultrasonic is mainly used for electronic and electrical industry (charger, battery, USB flash drive, mobile phone battery, mobile phone exterior, Bluetooth, electronic watch, switch socket, remote control, USB connector, humidifier.); Stationery and toy industry (plastic toys, mobile phone Gui Pieces, key chains, business card holders, photo albums, ink cartridges.); Packaging and processing industries (food bags, ziplock bags, tote bags, tea bags, wine bottle caps, paper cups.); Automotive auto parts industry (airbags, dashboards, companies Sun plate, built-in speakers, foot pads, car meters, interior parts, cleaners, water tanks, brake fluid.); Jewelry daily industry (keys, luggage, jewelry boxes, chemical boxes, gift boxes, lunch boxes , Hope material lighter, sealed container.); Other large applications such as: textile and home textile welding, metal welding, plastic nozzle separation, zinc alloy nozzle separation and so on.


Item No Frequency Power Voltage Dimension Gross weight
QR-WD15W 15Khz 4200W or 2600w 220V/110V 300*450*170mm 7kgs
QR-WD20W 20Khz 1500w or 2000w 220V/110V 300*450*170mm 7kgs
QR-WD70W 70Khz 100w 220V/110V 300*450*170mm 7kgs

Digital intelligent numerical control generator performance characteristics

● Real-time monitoring: monitor the working frequency and power of high-power ultrasound systems.
● Parameter adjustment: The power, amplitude, and running time can be adjusted in real time according to different requirements.
● Auto-following: After the device has completed the initial setup, it can continue to work without having to adjust the generator.
● Automatic amplitude control: The drive characteristics can be automatically adjusted to ensure a stable amplitude of the tool head.
● System protection: When the generator encounters special circumstances, it can automatically stop working and display alarm to protect the system from damage.
●Amplitude adjustment: The amplitude can be adjusted during the working process, and the adaptation range is 0%~100%.
●Automatic search frequency: It can automatically measure the optimal working frequency of the tool head and store it.
● Non-resonant state (forced vibration) work: It can work in non-resonant state according to customer requirements, suitable for special ultrasonic applications.

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