Intelligent 15Khz Ultrasonic Generator Digital Circuit Design Automatic Scanning Frequency No Manual Adjustment Required

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Item No QR-WD15W
Power 4200W
Generator Digital generator
Frequency 15KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Size 300*450*170mm
Application Plastic Welding Machine
Net weight 7Kg


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QRsonic can supply digital generator with Intelligent ultrasonic generator, digital circuit design, automatic scanning frequency, no manual adjustment required; LCD display of frequency, power and current, ultrasonic amplitude adjustable from 50% to 100%; ultrasonic transducer is assembled using Japanese original piezoelectric ceramic chip, power Strong and reliable; the system is equipped with multiple detection and protection circuits. When the output cable is open, the transducer and the mold exceed the frequency range, the overload protection circuit automatically cuts off the ultrasonic power and buzzes the alarm.

Digital intelligent numerical control generator performance characteristics

● Real-time monitoring: monitor the working frequency and power of high-power ultrasound systems.

● Parameter adjustment: The power, amplitude, and running time can be adjusted in real time according to different requirements.

● Auto-following: After the device has completed the initial setup, it can continue to work without having to adjust the generator.

● Automatic amplitude control: The drive characteristics can be automatically adjusted to ensure a stable amplitude of the tool head.

● System protection: When the generator encounters special circumstances, it can automatically stop working and display alarm to protect the system from damage.

●Amplitude adjustment: The amplitude can be adjusted during the working process, and the adaptation range is 0%~100%.

●Automatic search frequency: It can automatically measure the optimal working frequency of the tool head and store it.

● Non-resonant state (forced vibration) work: It can work in non-resonant state according to customer requirements, suitable for special ultrasonic applications.

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