Customized 3000 Watt Roll Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Flat Solar Cells Aluminum Copper Pipe Panel

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Item No QR-G2030A
Power 3000W
Air Pressure 0.05-0.9MPa
Frequency 20KHZ
Voltage 380V
Dimension of device Customized
Dimension of Generator 540*380*150mm
Working Mode Continuous
Welding Speed 2-15m/min


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20Khz Ultrasonic metal welding machine is currently used: for solar cells, flat solar heat absorbing plates, aluminum-plastic composite pipe welding, copper, aluminum splicing. Roll welding is generally performed using a bending vibration system that requires several wavelengths depending on the diameter of the pad.

Ultrasonic metal welding machine amplitude parameters

Equivalent to the temperature of the soldering iron, the amplitude is a key parameter for the material to be soldered. When the temperature is too low, the welding will not be possible. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will be burnt or the structure will be destroyed and the strength will be deteriorated. Because each company chooses a different transducer, the amplitude of the transducer output is different. After adapting the different ratios of the horn and the horn, the working amplitude of the horn can be corrected to meet the requirements. Variable amplitude, functional amplitude, stepwise amplitude variation, etc. have a great influence on the ratio, and the front-to-back area ratio is proportional to the total ratio.

Dimension of welding horn

Dimension of welding horn1

There are two main methods for welding aluminum-plastic composite tube aluminum sheets: 1. Plasma welding 2. Ultrasonic welding

When using ultrasonic seam welding, the main points should be noted as follows:

1. It must be a machine with automatic frequency tracking. Because the temperature of the welding position is more than 100 degrees Celsius, the frequency of the welding head and the transducer assembly must decrease when working at such temperature. If there is no frequency automatic tracking, it will be different. The temperature is frequency modulated on the machine, which is easily damaged for machines that do not track the frequency automatically.

2. For machines without frequency automatic tracking, the amplitude consistency cannot be guaranteed at different temperatures.

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