Columnar Type 30Khz 700w Ultrasonic Transducer with 6200 to 7200pf Capacitance

Short Description:

Model QR-3030-4BZ
Frequency 30khz
Output power 700 watt
Joint bolt M10
Ceramic disc Diameter 30mm
Qty of ceramic discs 4pcs
Capacitance 6.2-7.2nf
Amplitude 6 um
Application Plastic welding machine


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Ultrasonic technology is a widely used non-destructive testing technology based on acoustic theory and is used in electronics, communications, medicine, biology and physics. In modern detection technology, the transducers developed by ultrasonic technology are getting more and more attention because of their high sensitivity and high precision.
Transducers commonly used in the detection process are: piezoelectric transducers, magnetostrictive transducers, electromagnetic transducers and laser transducers. The most commonly used is a piezoelectric transducer, whose core component is a piezoelectric wafer. The piezoelectric wafer can be deformed under the action of pressure, resulting in polarization of the wafer itself, and positive and negative bound charges appear on the surface of the wafer, and this effect is a piezoelectric effect. Moreover, the piezoelectric effect is reversible, that is, deformation occurs after a voltage is applied to the wafer. In the detection process, the ultrasonic effect can be generated by the inverse piezoelectric effect of the ultrasonic probe, and the piezoelectric effect is used to achieve the purpose of receiving the ultrasonic wave.

Competitive Advantage

1. Imported ceramic discs and superior aluminum raw materials

2. Once assembled, the transducers are aged before testing and final assembly. The properties of piezoelectric materials can change with time and pressure, so a bit of time on the shelf prior to testing will identify nonconforming material.

3. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent.

4. In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.

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