70Khz Ultrasonic Vibration with Titanium Horn for Smart Card Wire Welding

Short Description:

Model QR-1070-2BZ-BJ
Frequency 70khz
Output power 100 watt
Ceramic disc Diameter 10mm
Qty of ceramic discs 2pcs
Capacitance 0.7-0.85nf
Application Ultrasonic Card Embedding Machine


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The ultrasonic Oscillator is also called the ultrasonic vibrator. The whole of the industry is connected to the horn and the horn is called a vibrator. The ultrasonic vibrator is a device that converts electrical energy and mechanical energy (acoustic vibration) by piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, and amplifies the front and rear radiation cover blocks by acoustic impedance matching.

Competitive Advantage of 70Khz Ultrasonic Oscillator

· The amplitude can be adjusted to ensure the RFID embedding stability;

· High frequency, reach to 70khz, welding more smoothly;

· Ultrasonic system design precision is very high, good customer feedback;

· In particular, digital power supply design, has been in a leading position in the ultrasonic industry;

· Automatically tracks frequency and has a very wide frequency range that extends the life of the ultrasonic units.

· Cabinet type, can control 3/4/5 burying heads to work at the same time

· touch screen control or external PLC control, easier operation

· 20%-100% energy continuously adjustable on the line, used in all sizes of smart card embedding applications

· wear-resistant titanium alloy tool head, suitable for 0.05-0.2 mm copper wire

· light body design, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation

· 24-hour work, uniform energy output

· Suitable for high-speed embedding applications, embedding twice the speed of 60K devices

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