60Khz Ultrasonic Analog Generator for Ultrasonic Wire Embedding Device

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Item No QR-WA60
Power 100W
Generator Analog generator
Frequency 60KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Size 280*320*150mm
Application Ultrasonic Wire Embedding Machine
Net weight 5Kg

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Ultrasonic power is often referred to as an ultrasonic source, an ultrasonic generator. Its function is to convert electrical energy into a high frequency alternating current signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer. From the form of the amplifying circuit, a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit can be used, and a high-power ultrasonic power source generally adopts a circuit form of a switching power supply in terms of conversion efficiency. Linear power supplies also have their own range of applications. It has the advantage of not requiring strict circuit matching and allowing continuous and rapid changes in operating frequency. From the current situation in the ultrasound industry, ultrasound is mainly divided into self-excited and its exciting power supply.

Troubleshooting when the ultrasonic generator is not working properly

Ultrasonic equipment uses sound waves to perform work. How do we judge whether the ultrasonic generator is working properly or not when there is a problem with the ultrasonic equipment? First, we turn on the power switch on the ultrasonic power control box, press and hold the sound test button on the power box. When the button is pressed, observe the “amplifier” reading, and then listen to the sound. When the sound is not sharp, the current does not exceed 0.5A (aluminum When the current does not exceed 0.8A (steel mold), it is considered normal.
At the same time, if there is an overload indicator light or a harsh sound, or a hoarse sound, when the welding head is loose or the screw is broken, tighten the welding head or replace the screw to solve the problem. Appears during use, this is not the case with new machines.)
After the button of the sound wave detection is pressed, if the current meter shows that the current is high, there is a power and frequency adjustment switch on the right side of the point box to adjust the power gear position adjustment switch to the desired position (1 is the lowest gear position). The slow twisting FM switch adjusts the current to a minimum. (Under normal adjustment, it has been adjusted to the best condition at the factory)

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