35Khz Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine with Digital Power Supply for Mask Ear Belt Welder

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Item No QR-W35Y
Power 500W
Generator Digital generator
Frequency 35KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
welding head Aluminum or Titanium
Gross weight 13Kg

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The ultrasonic ear band spot welding machine uses the principle of ultrasonic work to act on the non-woven fabric material to generate tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second to achieve a certain amplitude of high-frequency vibration, resulting in local high temperature, and due to the poor thermal conductivity of non-woven fabrics , The temperature cannot be released in time for a while, and it gathers in the welding area, causing the contact surface of the earband and the mask to melt rapidly. After a certain amount of pressure is applied, they merge into one. When the ultrasound stops, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to solidify and form a solid molecular chain to achieve the purpose of welding, and the strength is close to that of the raw material.


Classification Pistol Type Pen Type
35 28 28 28 20 28 28 28
Power(w) 500 300 700 800 900 300 700 800
Welding Head <10mm <10mm <10mm <12mm <12mm <10mm <10mm <12mm
Dia of shell 51mm 51mm 51mm 64mm 64mm 40mm 45mm 60mm
The handles size 100mm*45mm*32mm
Weight 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg 1.2kg 1.2kg 0.4kg 0.5kg 1.0kg
Digital Generator - -
Analog Generator
Application ABS, HIPS,PMMA,MPPO PVC,PP,PE Aldehyde-resin, PC PC,PSU,PA Nylon, PE,PBT PVC,PP,PE Aldehyde-resin, PC PC,
Welding Type Rivet Welding, Spot Welding, Embossed Welding


1. The latest externally excited ultrasound circuit, which can continuously and uninterrupted ultrasound, automatically track the frequency and automatically resonate point and power control, without frequent manual adjustment of energy

2. Working method: simple and convenient operation with foot pedal, the equipment does not heat up, 6-10 pieces of ear straps per minute (according to the speed of the workers' hands and feet), suitable for any mask shape.

3. Ultrasonic frequency converter adopts lead zirconate titanate crystal piezoelectric frequency converter, sealed to isolate water vapor and corrosive gas

4. Turn on/off pulse timer, adjust power accurately to ensure high-strength welding

5. Unique automatic amplitude and pulse compensation function to ensure that the probe amplitude does not change due to load changes during the ultrasound process

6. The transducer adopts the largest ceramic chip supplier in China, with stable impedance, high ultrasonic efficiency, and it is not easy to heat up after working for a long time

7. The ultrasonic probe is made of TC4 titanium alloy, which is not easy to wear and cavitation when used for a long time

8. The equipment can work intermittently or run without load to meet different welding requirements

9. The overall equipment is manufactured by mold opening, small size, high efficiency, and beautiful.

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