20Khz 1500w Ultrasonic Welding Transducer with Steel Booster Vibration System

Short Description:

Model QR-5020-4BZ-BJ
Frequency 20khz
Output power 1500 watt
Ceramic disc Diameter 50mm
Qty of ceramic discs 4pcs
Capacitance 11-16nf
Application Plastic welding machine

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Ultrasonic vibrator, also known as ultrasonic vibrating head, ultrasonic Oscillator head, is a kind of ultrasonic transducer, which is the core component of ultrasonic cleaning machine. The whole of the ultrasonic transducer connected to the horn is called vibrator.

Ultrasonic vibrator features

1. High performance: high mechanical Q value, high conversion efficiency and excellent quality
2. Ultrasonic vibrator transducer has large amplitude and superior performance
3. Ultrasonic vibrator transducer heat resistance: Piezoelectric ceramic material has good heat resistance, can expand the operating temperature range, and has high Q value, small resonance impedance, and low heat generation.
4. Ultrasonic vibrator transducer product appearance is neat, no rust, no obvious depressions and scratches

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