15Khz 2600w High Power Ultrasonic Welding Oscillator with Steel Booster

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Model QR-6015-4BZ-BZY
Frequency 15 khz
Output power 2600 watt
Joint bolt M16*1
Ceramic disc Diameter 60mm
Qty of ceramic discs 4pcs
Capacitance 9-13.5nf
Application Plastic welding machine

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The ultrasonic Oscillator is also called the ultrasonic vibrator. The whole of the industry is connected to the horn and the horn is called a vibrator. The ultrasonic vibrator is a device that converts electrical energy and mechanical energy (acoustic vibration) by piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, and amplifies the front and rear radiation cover blocks by acoustic impedance matching.

The ultrasonic vibrator is composed of an ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic horn. Ultrasonic transducer is a device that can convert high-frequency electric energy into mechanical energy. Ultrasonic horn is a passive device that does not generate vibration. It only changes the amplitude of the vibration input from the ultrasonic transducer and then transmits it. Impedance transformation.

How to choose ultrasonic plastic welding machine with 20khz and 15khz frequency?

The most common frequencies for ultrasonic welding machines are 15khz and 20khz ultrasonic plastic welding machines. The higher the ultrasonic frequency, the better the welding accuracy, but the smaller the relative power, the smaller the amplitude. The following describes the difference between the ultrasonic welding machine 15khz and 20khz:

When the ultrasonic frequency is low, noise is generated. When the frequency is lower than 20 khz, the noise becomes very large during ultrasonic welding. For plastic products with higher welding accuracy, the higher the frequency, the better. Therefore, the ultrasonic welding machine of 20khz or higher is suitable for precision, ultra-thin, very fragile plastic parts, such as SD card, or products with crystal inside the product; 15khz ultrasonic welding machine is easier to enlarge and has larger amplitude. It is suitable for welding large-sized, difficult-to-weld, relatively rough plastic products;

Secondly, the 15khz and 20khz ultrasonic mold sizes are also inconsistent. The height of the 15khz ultrasonic mold is generally about 17cm long, while the 20khz ultrasonic mold is about 12.5cm long.

Once again, the 15khz ultrasonic plastic welding machine can weld larger workpieces, and the power can be divided into 2600w/3200w/4200w. The 20khz ultrasonic plastic welding machine is 900W--2000w, the power is small, and the size of the weldable product is small.

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